A Farmhouse Favorite Gift (to Give and Receive)

Recently, Sean and I went on a much-needed fall getaway (you can read more about our trip here).  My parents were kind enough to watch our children AND our two dogs,  rabbit, and chickens (oh my!).  They spoiled the kids rotten and took care of everything so that we were able to relax knowing that everyone was in good hands.  In fact, I think the kids had just as much of a vacation as Sean and me!

When we returned home, I knew I wanted to do something extra special to say thank you, and fresh flowers felt like the perfect gift.

Who doesn’t love receiving fresh flowers? 

They are a timeless and classic gift for good reason; they are a natural mood lifter!  Did you know some studies show there are health benefits to receiving flowers and having them in your home?

That is why I was so excited when FTD reached out to partner.  I knew they would do an amazing job handcrafting the perfect, “thank you.”  And they did they ever!

The day after we returned from our vacation, our local FTD florist hand-delivered a gorgeous bouquet to my door.  I have to admit they were almost too beautiful to share! 



Flowers are hands down one of my favorite must-haves in my own home, so it’s no surprise I think they make a wonderful gift. 

They bring freshness, life and beauty into each space and help bring the outside in.  For my house, I will often pick up a small bouquet on a trip to the grocery store or from the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market, other times I merely pick whatever I find in my yard.  

My kids know this about me and many times have brought me in colorful flowers from our yard.  Although I am 99% sure they are probably weeds, they always find their way into a vase and on my counter.  Why? 

Because they represent love. 


No matter what you are trying to say, FTD can handcraft it into a meaningful bouquet for any occasion, big or small.  Flowers have a way of bringing people closer together. 

They make handcrafted connections, every single day.


Thanks to FTD for partnering on this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.