Beachy Boho Style for Summer and Some Thoughts on Trends

Beachy Boho style seems to be popping up all over lately and with good reason!  This style is carefree, relaxed and youthful. It brings in color and a casual “unfussiness” that feels so perfect for summer.  Here are some of my favorites:


Boho Beach Bungalow

This gorgeous space belongs to Megan Martinez.  Her entire home is just as lovely.  You can see it here.  Since I own the same lightchairs, and rug, it’s no surprise that this room would be one of my favorites.  However, it was the back gallery wall that caught my eye.  Like mine, Megan’s entire home is Benjamin Moore’s, Super White.  While I love the dark wall trend, there is nothing like a bright white wall to make artwork pop.


Amber Interiors

If I were ten years younger and single, I’m pretty sure my bedroom could look something like this.  I still love my Pottery Barn bed, but if I were shopping for one now, this Serena and Lily one would be the one (Sean would probably disagree lol).  I also adore this wallpaper!  The mix of patterns in this room is perfection!  Don’t you think?


Jae White Design


Ok, so I pinned this image recently, and a zillion people saved it.  This bathroom is such a great example of why it is beneficial to use traditional neutral materials (like I did in our kid’s bathroom).  The shower curtain and greenery give the space a great boho feel but take those away, and the room can quickly transform into an entirely different look!  Just when I think I might be sick of subway tile, I’ll come across a room like this and just fall in love with its neutral simplicity all over again!

Some Thoughts on Trends

The definition of trend is, “a general direction in which something is developing or changing.”  Trends can breed discontentment if we allow it.  The older I get, the less I care to follow the latest thing, and the more I desire to keep things minimal and classic.  However, if you are a design lover like me, you enjoy seeing the variety of styles and the changes that come along.  Sometimes incorporating them into your home, sometimes not.  Perspective is key I guess.  Hold trends lightly.  Have fun with them when they fit YOUR style and need!  Let the rest go.