Cozy Fall Dinners

Gathering around the table with family and friends is one of my favorite things to do.  If you read about our kitchen renovation, you know that both Sean and I love to cook.  Preparing and sharing a meal is such an easy way to relax and enjoy time together.  In our rushed day to day lives, it’s easy to grab food thoughtlessly, quickly moving on to the next thing.  As my children have grown and started to become involved in more activities outside our home, I have had to be more intentional about making meals together a priority.  I believe it’s worth the effort.

This summer I have taken a break from a lot of cooking.  Since it’s a million degrees outside, the last thing I want to do is turn on an oven.  We have been relying on lots of grilling, salads and easy meals.  While it has been perfect for summer, I already feel myself anticipating cooler weather, a warm kitchen and preparing meals for my favorite people on earth.

Here are two cookbooks inspiring me this fall:

Weekday Meals:



A New Way to Dinner


I can’t wait to get into this cookbook!   It is just as practical as it is gorgeous.  I have followed Food52 for awhile now, and these ladies are both incredibly talented and passionate about what they do.  The idea behind the book is that with a little weekend prep, you can eat well all week long without a lot of weekday hassle, leaving more time to spend with family and friends.   The recipes are seasonal, planned a week at a time and even include grocery lists.  If you have ever scrambled to figure out what to have for dinner at 4 pm, this might just be your new best friend!



Weekend Meals:




Over the last couple of years, I have become pretty obsessed with charcuterie boards and small plates.  Since they are often more about assembling than cooking, there isn’t a lot of prep work involved.  They are visually beautiful and casually encourage everyone to relax and unwind, to linger longer than normal.  Perfect for effortless weekend entertaining! I’m hoping to step up my game a bit this year by incorporating some new recipes from this book.  Although I wasn’t familiar with the author beforehand, I immediately fell in love with her and her elevated yet unfussy style of cooking.  This cookbook is beautifully well written, the photography is stunning, and the recipes are ones I will go back to again and again!



How are you getting inspired for cozy fall dinners?  I would love to hear!