Farmhouse Fence

Happy Monday!  This past weekend we finally got started on a project that has been on our “to do” list from day 1, enclosing our property with a fence!  While I have enjoyed the open feel of not having one, we are looking forward to letting Lily (our lab) outside more often and the additional privacy a fence will provide.  For the record, when it comes to our home projects, Sean often jokingly points out that I use the pronoun, “we” very loosely.  So to clarify, once we decided what we were doing and measured everything out, HE began working on the fence while I stayed inside and occasionally came out to check the progress lovingly bring him water.

Blackberry Farm




Tobi Fairley


We considered many of options, but in the end went with a simple, classic fence.  Similiar to the one below.  Originally, we were going to do three slats across and add field fence so that we wouldn’t have to worry about Lily or the chickens getting out.  Instead, we decided that simply adding a fourth slat would solve the problem and be much easier to install.  Both options were about the same cost.


Birch and Lily


It will probably take awhile to complete since there is a lot to cover and we are starting this project during the hottest time of the year (heat exhaustion, anyone?).  But, it will be worth it, and we are so looking forward to how different our home will feel once the fence is complete.



Here’s some additional info for those of you interested in DIYing a similar fence.  We are using 4″x4″ pressure treated posts spaced 8′ on center.  The cross bars are 1″x6″.  We will be using four with a 7″ gap between them.  Questions?  Comment below or email me at