Farmhouse Kitchen: Before and After

Hi, everyone!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  Sean and I are watching our niece and nephews and we have been having way too much fun with them!  Thankfully, it’s been a rainy day here in Tampa, so all of the kids are playing together upstairs, and I am getting some much-needed work done.

Today I am excited to show you a before and after of my farmhouse kitchen!  When we bought the home, the plan was to renovate it immediately, so we never lived in the “before” kitchen.


 Below are the original kitchen and dining room when we bought the house.  Both rooms were side by side and rather small.  The plan from day 1 was to take down the wall between the kitchen and dining and eliminate the dining room completely.  We ended up opening up the wall on the right, raising the ceiling and moving the doorway as well.


Original Kitchen

I wish you could have seen this in person!  The cabinets here don’t look too bad, but in person, they were covered with a layer of grease and dirt so thick we had to trash them.  See that plant above on the left? When I moved it (all of that was left there by the previous owners), a huge cockroach jumped out and scared me to death.  I sat in the kitchen and cried thinking we made a huge mistake.  This house was a mess, and although I could see the potential, it was not without a lot of work!  Real life renovations are nothing like those 30min HGTV episodes folks lol!  It’s roaches and grease soaked cabinets and a lot of work.



Original Dining Area


Here are the main things we had to take into consideration before we designed our farmhouse kitchen:

  1.  Sean and I enjoy cooking.  It was important to us to encourage that in our children as well (this what led to our decision to go with Super White Quartzite over marble for our counters).
  2. We have a lot of our extended family nearby which means huge holiday meals.
  3. We wanted to entertain for our family and friends often.  Since everyone always gathers in the kitchen, we wanted lots of space.

Next, we considered our perfect work triangle.

Obviously, every kitchen layout is different.  However, if you can swing our work triangle in your kitchen build or renovation, I would HIGHLY recommend it! 

Lastly, I planned for the extras.

Here is the fun part!  Here is what we chose and why:

Large Farmhouse Sink: adding this second sink added character and charm and also provided a space to wash dishes while someone else was cooking in the kitchen.  We saved big time on the adorable wall faucet and salvaged towel bar.

 Touch Faucet: Worth. Every. Penny.

 Pot Filler: was a last minute decision, but I’m glad we added it.  I use it all of the time, but it is especially useful during the holidays when I am filling huge pots of water for pasta.

No uppers and open shelving:  I love the relaxed, casual feel of open shelving.  It’s a personal preference, but I happen to like them.  I also wanted a light and bright kitchen.  Eliminating uppers helped to achieve this.

Coffee Station:  One the most difficult decisions I had was an empty corner of my kitchen.  I went back and forth between a small home office area, built-in pantry storage, or a coffee/cookbook area.  In the end, I opted for the coffee/cookbook station.  Of the three, this was just felt most like us, and since I wasn’t concerned with resale, I went with what we wanted.

Walk-in Pantry:  What is now our pantry was once a small storage closet that held a hot water tank.  We exchanged the doors for antique french doors and found a doorknob from a nearby salvage shop.  Just a little FYI- If I had gone with a built-in pantry instead of the coffee station, this was going to be a small walk-in library.



A special thanks to jleephotography for all “After” photos.

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