Farmhouse Kid’s Bathroom: Before and After

My kid’s bathroom sink is one of the most asked about features in my home, so I am excited to show you a little before and after.  When we purchased the house, the bathroom felt tiny and crowded.  I wanted to open it up and make it feel larger and lighter.  Moving walls wasn’t an option here, so I had to work with the size of the room as it was.  The easiest way for me to do this was to get rid of the large vanity.

Here is a Before:


While the existing vanity provided a lot of storage, I decided to go with a wall mount sink instead.  What isn’t shown in the photo (directly behind the door on the right) is a small closet.  I decided that it would be enough storage for what we needed.  I wanted this bathroom to be clean, simple and timeless – but also fun!



I had been pinning pictures of this Kohler Brockway sink for years, and since I have three children, I wanted to use this one:

Look how great this would be!

Source Unknown


I could completely envision my children all brushing their teeth side by side here every night. However, this sink is 60″, and once we factored for a couple of inches of space on either side, we were about 5″ short.   If you are renovating a bathroom or laundry room and have space, please someone use this (and send me a picture!!!).  It’s my absolute favorite!


We opted instead to go with the 48″ double sink.

(It also comes in a smaller 36″ double sink)


We added this faucet and soap dish:  The faucet is made by Chicago Faucets and can be found here.  While I love the way it looks, it sprays the water which can be pretty messy. The soap dish can be found here.