Master Bathroom Shower Reveal

We finally completed the shower in our master bathroom!  You guys have no idea how excited  I am to have this finished!  When we bought the house, we completely gutted this bathroom but finishing it somehow crept to the very bottom of our project list.  After the rest of the house had been renovated, we began slowly chipping away at this space as time and money would allow.  This was one of our final projects in here.



Original Shower Location

We gutted the original bathroom to create a better layout.  We also needed to creatively add a space for a tub where there wasn’t one before.  This corner is where the original shower was located.  We opted to put the tub here instead.


Framing the New Shower

We moved the shower to the right of the tub.  My husband, Sean, built the entire shower from the ground up.  I will do a complete step by step post on how to DIY this in another post.




 Obviously, we wanted to save money (without sacrificing quality) wherever we could.  Inexpensive penny tile keeps the look clean and classic.  It also works perfectly with the early 1900’s style of the rest of our home. We trimmed out shelves with subway tile and remnant marble pieces.



We found the old marble remnants from a nearby architectural salvage shop.  The pieces we chose came from a courthouse in Tampa.  Obviously, no one would know this just by looking at them, but it’s these little details that have a way of making your home personal and unique.  I purposely left the unfinished edges to “roughen up” our otherwise “pretty” bathroom.



 The most expensive part of this job was obviously the glass, which we did have to custom order.   After a lot of research, we decided to go with the clips over the channel.  It cost a little more, but it is an overall better look and much easier to keep clean (so we have been told).  We added Rain-X to the glass, which was highly recommended as well.