Summer Simplicity

Summer for our family typically means camps, various commitments and of course vacations.  This year, however, Sean and I felt the Lord calling us to something different.  Something quieter and simpler.  So we chose to pass on the camps, commitments and even the vacations to give our family a real summer break.  This obviously won’t be what we do every summer, but for this year we wanted our children to have an opportunity to step away from the regular business and a chance to just enjoy a long and lazy couple of months at home.

5 Ways to Embrace a Simple Summer:

 1.  Clear the Calendar 

We have found such freedom in saying “no.”  An intentional plan of setting aside these summer months to do nothing has been fantastic!  I’m talking sleeping in on a weekday, board games after dinner with the family, spontaneously packing up and going to the beach amazing!

2.  Plan a couple of fun day trips

Not actually “going” on vacation was honestly a tough choice.  I LOVE traveling, and the idea of not going away felt strange.  But there is also something so special about being able to appreciate your city and view it through travelers eyes.

3.  Read a book

Getting lost in a good book is such a luxury!  We are so addicted to our devices. It’s been refreshing just to unplug and spend some time reading!

4.  Play Outside

Swim, go for a bike ride, challenge the kids to a baseball game, go to a movie on the lawn.  Get outside and have fun!  Enjoying time outdoors just makes it feel like summer!

5.  Make your Home your Favorite Place to be

This may sound silly, but this summer I am treating my home just like I would any summer rental.  Close your eyes and envision your favorite vacations.  How did you spend your time?  How did you relax? Bringing some of your favorite elements from past vacations into your home, allows you to incorporate them into your everyday life- which you can then enjoy all year long.  And isn’t that what we all want?